About Stearns & Foster Mattresses

We are a huge fan of Stearns & Foster Mattresses. The big three companies Sealy, Serta and Simmons make terrific beds but Stearns and Foster is a notch up from the big three. They build beds so solid on everything that matters to you as a consumer.

Heavy gauge coil system on Plush and Pillow top. Daily we meet customers complaining their beds don’t last as long because of the body impression issue. Stearns and Foster seems to address that issue terrifically. We love the fact that Stearns and Foster uses materials that are great for hypoallergenic folks that have a hard time with dust mites or allergies to certain materials.

They also use natural Latex that gives back or side sleeper’s great lumbar support filling in the gaps of our body perfectly but you don’t sink into the bed and feel stuck. The latex pushes you back up a bit giving you total body support without sinking too deep into the bed. This is ideal for side and back sleepers.

With total foam encasement on all their beds this keeps the integrity of the bed for longer life span of the mattress as well. They have also mastered the individual pocketed coil system that allows a deep sleep without feeling your partner laying next to you move around thus waking you up from your deepest sleep. All of these things I am mentioned are critical for years and years of good solid night sleep waking up refreshed. Check out Stearn’s and Foster.

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