How do you sleep? Back, Stomach or Side?

How do you sleep?  Back, stomach or side? This is such an important question for all of you to know. Most people sleep two different ways for example we start out on our back but end up on our side. This can make such a huge impact on the quality of the discount mattress that we choose.  I want to share with you a couple things to consider when picking out a quality discount mattress for you.

BACK SLEEPERS: (best way to sleep) Back sleepers can really get away with a plush soft or quality pillow top mattress. This allows their mid section of the body where most of all our weight is to sink a bit in the name brand mattress. We don’t want too soft but we do want it soft.

SIDE SLEEPERS:  (next best way to sleep) Side Sleepers need Plush Soft or Pillow Top medium Soft. You really need your hips in alignment, this is everything.  If your hips drop too far down or are raised too high up for long periods of time this is when you develop lots of back problems.

STOMACH SLEEPERS:  (worst way to sleep) You need Firm to Plush firm. This is the worst way to sleep but so many do. The stomach sleeper on to soft will really ruin their back fast due to the fact that on your stomach where most of our weight is starts to sink into a mattress thus really putting pressure on our muscles and spine.  Firm is the best for alignment for stomach sleepers.

palm beach discount mattress sleep time chart

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