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About Us


Bargain Beds Mattress Outlet was established in 2009 and is family owned and operated. We are really committed to Sleep Improvement and Saving you money while doing so! We also understand how a good night’s sleep improves your health, lifestyle, and happiness.

Bargain Beds Mattress Outlet Family

It has been proven that a lack of sleep increases stress levels, slows down metabolism and accelerates the aging process. The right discount mattress set will improve your REM Sleep resulting in reduced stress levels, better health, more energy, and improved lifestyle.

HOW do we do it?

We are able to purchase bedding for pennies on the dollar from major manufacturers. There are a few reasons why our cost is so low:

  • No advertising – Companies often co-op advertising dollars to their retail customers in the form of advertising assistance, nice big beautiful store displays, product knowledge and training, etc. We get none of that, nor do we pay for it.
  • No special orders – What you see in inventory is what you get. If you like a mattress on the floor, that’s the one you’re taking home. We don’t have the ability to order specific product. This means that our suppliers do not have the expense of processing small orders for us. These savings are, again, reflected in our cost.
  • We buy in quantity – We buy in large quantities, and our volume allows us to negotiate the lowest prices.
  • Multiple suppliers – We buy from plants and distribution centers all over the country, and therefore are never locked into pricing. We buy from whom we want, when we want, and only when the price is right.

So just how cheap are our prices? Typically you can expect our prices to be about half off other stores SALE prices. It’s not unusual to find a bargain at 50% or more off. When shopping at Bargain Beds Mattress Outlet, you will be able to sleep comfortably knowing that you have purchased a quality mattress set at huge savings!

We provide exceptional value by taking advantage of factory seconds, large bulk purchases of closeout mattress models and very little over head so we can pass the savings to you!


Bargain Beds Mattress Outlet are Members of Christ Fellowship Campuses